5x Sterling Silver Simple Thin Flat Front Adjustable Pinch Bail Bale 11mm

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Модель: 66287-BL
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Adjustable Pinch Bail Bale. Use the adjustable pinch to secure your crystal or stone to this simple bail. Very easy to use. Slip it through the back side hole and just twist bend the pole bar to secure. More designs and sizes in our store

  • Condition: New
  • Materials: Pure 925 Sterling Silver
  • Technical Specifications:
    Total Length:16.91mm(0.67 inch)
    Length/Dia:7.99mm(0.31 inch)
    Width:2.24mm(0.09 inch)
    Depth:8.12mm(0.32 inch)
    Hole Size:2.5mm(0.1 inch)
    Thickness:0.5mm(0.02 inch)
    Bar Size:9.78mm(0.39 inch)
    JR type:closed
    Weight:0.29g per
    Color:bright silver
    Pole Bail Size:6.03mm
    Total pieces:5
    Retail Price: $9.75
    Product SKU:66287-BL
    Product Notes:adjustable bar stud pole that you put through a hole. A great way to secure your desired stone or crystal onto your bail.
  • Package Quantity: 5 pc(s) per pack
  • Additional Notes: ~Measurements are Approximate
  • Images are not at actual size. Please use them only as reference
  • Items may be subjected to a variance measurement difference of +/- 0.25mm

  • Product SKU#: 66287-BL
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