10x Sterling Silver Simple CLOSED End Cord Cap no Ring RP 3.5mm

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End Cap with no ring

This is for Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver leather cord end caps at size 3.5mm


  • Condition: New
  • Materials: Pure 925 Sterling Silver
  • Technical Specifications:
    Length/Dia:5.42mm(0.21 inch)
    Width:4.58mm(0.18 inch)
    Depth:3.7mm(0.15 inch)

    Outside Dia:4.58mm(0.18 inch)
    Inside Dia:3.7mm(0.15 inch)
    Weight:0.28g per
    Color:rhodium plated
    Total pieces:10
    Retail Price: $14.7
    Product SKU:28113-CP
    Product Notes:

  • Package Quantity: 5 pair(s) per pack
  • Additional Notes: ~Measurements are Approximate
  • Images are not at actual size. Please use them only as reference
  • Items may be subjected to a variance measurement difference of +/- 0.25mm
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